We are an ecotourism destination with a profound social responsibility, aimed towards sustainable living. Patoyo Island gives you an unspoiled and authentic island experience. We welcome all visitors who will find luxury in the simple things. Visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the raw beauty Patoyo Island.

Soren Eilertsen

Time to Travel Philippines


Our objective is on conserving the environment and secure the livelihood of our fellow islanders. We build sustainable solutions and raise environmental awareness as well as providing a financial platform for the locals.

Made of Patoyo

Through SIMPLE LIVING Enjoy an unforgettable stay in one of our beach shelters – “Made of Patoyo”. Constructed by locals using nothing but locally sourced natural building material.

Back to Basics

Keep in mind that there are no power lines or running freshwater source on site, so we encourage you to visit us with an open mind and back-to-basic mentality. The limited electricity is solar-powered, and our water supply is limited.

No Wifi

Escape the stress and hassle of the modern world. We guarantee a horrific wifi signal and invite travelers of any age – seeking an authentic island experience.

The Patoyo Island Experience

We guarantee that there are no umbrella-carrying tour guides, that no comfort of an airconditioned tour bus is offered – simply an undisturbed island paradise experience waiting for you to visit it.

A New Experience

A visit to the island is not complete without engaging on the adventure of a walking around. Experience the hospitality of the local islanders up front, enjoy the view from one of the many viewpoints, look for special wildlife or taste the local produce. From cashew nuts, coconuts to banana and much more.


The waters around Linapacan and Patoyo Island, have been awarded and recognized as the place with the clearest ocean in the world. Not only can you experience visibility unlike anywhere else, but you can also do snorkeling on some of the most secluded coral reefs in the Philippines!

Go Fishing – Join the local fisherman

Can you catch your own lunch? We use the same fishing techniques and gear as the locals and their ancestors before them. For generations the locals have developed a know-how of the surrounding ocean with the use of a paddleboat known as a “baruto”. We hope to give you a memorable few hours at sea.


What better way to do this than from one of our kayaks or while balancing yourself on the top of a paddleboard. If the weather permits  we are arranging for kayak tours around Patoyo Island eating a packed lunch on the far side. We highly recommend wearing a cap and plenty of water-resistant sunscreen with the highest SPF!